About us

Petro Barrier Systems Inc. is a Research and Development based company, dedicated to protecting our natural water bodies from contaminants including hydro-carbon oil, heavy metals and hazardous chemicals. It is our mission to design and build products/systems that prevent said contaminants from entering rivers, lakes and oceans, thereby protecting aquatic and human life. It is also our mission to increase both public and private sector awareness about the vast and increasing levels of water contamination as a result of human activity.


Iain Muir, president and founder of Petro Barrier Systems Inc. had spent a number of years as a consultant, working for a large American firm in the oil spill containment field. After discovering that the technology being used by this company to filter and contain oil spills had some deficiencies, Muir spent 2 years developing the patented MLM technology; a mixture of absorbent chemicals that react with and remove hydrocarbon oils from water.

This technology has since been adapted for use in a number of different applications and patented products including Floor Drain Protectorstm for use in floor drains in industrial settings, Storm Drain Protectorstm for use in storm and sewer drains and Bermed Area Protectorstm for use in large transformer sites and fueling stations. As well as manufacturing standard products, PBS has and will continue to create solutions for our client’s unique problems/applications.

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“To provide our clients with the most effective, cost efficient and easy to use solutions for protecting their water systems from contaminants harmful to the environment.”


To be the worlds’ leading company in protecting natural water bodies from pollution caused by human activity.”

Value Statement

To establish a foothold as the leading company in protecting the world’s natural bodies, we use three guiding principles to conduct business and our lives:


To protect the delicate balance of the world’s natural water bodies and increase awareness surrounding water contamination as result of human activity


Community: To be a contributing member of our community and empower local organizations to drive innovative technology
Client: To offer the highest level of service possible and go well beyond what is required to ensure the best experience possible.


To offer the highest level of quality and industry leading results through consistent research, innovation and design.