Our Technology

MLM Filter Technology

The patented MLM TM filter technology is comprised of a mixture of absorbent polymers, engineered for removing hydrocarbon oils from water and containing large oil spills. This technology is the basis of the majority of our products including the Floor Drain Protector, Storm Drain Protector and Bermed Area Protector.

This picture is representative of the patented MLMTM filter technology at work. The filter on the left displays the mixture of absorbent polymers prior to contact with contaminants. The filter on the right demonstrates the absorbent polymers after being fully activated by motor oil. A solid gel plug has been formed as a result of full activation, ensuring that all motor oil is fully contained on the surface. It has been in this state for 24 months with no disintegration.

Remote Monitoring System

Petro Barrier Systems Inc. possesses a patented remote monitoring system, which provides clients with vital drain information, including hydrocarbon oil contamination levels, oil spill notification and if there is a blockage due to debris via wireless technology.
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