Bermed Area Protector

What is it?

The Petro Barrier Systems Inc.’s Bermed Area Protector protects you from contamination of hydrocarbon oils and heavy metals that leak through your berm’s drains.  As with all our other products, the filter media in our Bermed Area Protectors filter out pollutants from your storm and waste water to concentrations under a maximum of less than 2 ppm, which is well below regulatory specifications.   The Bermed Area Protector is designed to work with any size berm and can be customized to specific applications. For a full list of contaminants filtered by our Floor Drain Protectors, please visit our technical data page.

There are three compartments for containing any oil leaks or spills. The outer two compartments are designed for filtering oil sheen in the water, in which special absorbent materials (polymers) will react with hydro-carbon oil and plug if a major spill occurs. The middle compartment is designed as a bypass outlet in the event of the outer filters becoming blocked. This third filter also contains the special absorbent materials so that over flow liquid will be filtered as well.


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How long will it last?

Barring any major spills and the volume of waste water entering drains, the Petro Barrier Systems Inc. Bermed Area Protector has a proven useful life of 7-10 years.

Why protect you berm?

  • Protection against large fines from government agencies
  • Protect sensitive ecosystems in remote locations (ie transformer sites)
  • Much less costly than cleaning up after an environmental contamination