California/Trench Drains

What is it?

Drain Protector

Petro Barrier Systems, Inc. / Storm Drain Protector

Petro Barrier Systems Inc.’s California/Trench Drain Protector protects your California drains or trench

drains from hydrocarbon pollution as well as every day grit and debris.  Using the same technology used in both the Floor Drain Protectors and the Storm Drain Protectors, Petro Barrier Systems Inc. is able to filter out pollutants from waste water to concentrations under 2 ppm, well below regulatory specifications.  They are sold in a variety of widths and lengths to ensure a proper fit for your drain(s).


Petro Pad

Petro Barrier Systems, Inc. / Petro Pad

For most applications, you simply remove the existing grate covering the drain, place the California/Trench Drain Protector in the drain, and walk away.  Some jobs require additional fastening, in which our company can provide a tailor made solution.

How long will it last?

Pads are expected and have been proven to last 5-7 years barring any major oil spills. They can be easily replaced and recycled by our company.