Custom Systems

As a research and development based company, Petro Barrier Systems Inc. both welcomes and cherishes the opportunity to solve client’s unique problems surrounding containment and cleanup of contaminated water sources. Over the years Petro Barrier Systems Inc. has developed numerous custom systems for a wide variety of clients and applications.  Scalable and modular, we will often combine custom solutions with other solutions to ensure our clients receive the best possible protection from contaminants.  A few of our successes are listed below.

Marine Guard P3 System

Petro Barrier Systems Inc. offers a complete solution suite for marinas seeking to bring pollutants in their waste water to within regulatory compliance. Capable of removing a wide variety of oils, metals and non-metal contaminants, the Marine Guard P3 system allows marinas to reuse in excess of 90% of their wash water time and again – providing a significant cost savings and vastly reducing the impact the marina has on the aquatic environment that supports its business. This system can be scaled to suit the needs of any marina.

Contaminated Water Treatment System

For companies seeking to treat/filter dirty water, Petro Barrier Systems Inc. offers a complete solution that allows our customers to discharge straight into the storm or sanitary sewer system. Capable of removing fine silts, hydro-carbon oils, and a wide variety of heavy metals (Zinc, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, etc.) and hazardous chemicals (TCE, Paint Solvents,  Phosphates, etc.), the contaminated water system treats water on site versus paying for it to be moved and treated off site, which is much more expensive. This system can be scaled to suit the needs of any job or application.

The system first removes suspended solids by pre-treating the dirty water with flocculating chemicals. Flocculating chemicals accelerate the settling of suspended solids and assists in removing contaminants dispersed in the water. Pre-treatment is only necessary if there are suspended solids and or heavy metals present in the water.

The water-solids mixture is then passed through a series of hydrocyclones, which are responsible for the removal and disposal of the suspended solids from the water.

The water, now clean of solids, is pumped through a polishing filter system, which removes all specified contaminants to well below regulatory specifications, and can be discharged into the sanitary sewer or storm drain system.  Water can also be collected and re-used as grey water if the client wishes.

Heavy Metal Filtration

Due to a client’s request, Petro Barrier Systems Inc. created a set of filters that can remove many contaminants from water, bringing concentrations well below regulatory requirements and helps to ensure that these materials do not build up in local environments. Capable of being mounted in both pressurized and non-pressurized water systems, these Metal Filters can significantly reduce the following contaminants:

Aluminum (to < 1 part per million)
Arsenic (to < 1 part per million)
Barium (to < 1 part per million)
Boron (to < 1 part per million)
Calcium (to < 85 parts per million)
Chromium (to < 1 part per million)
Cobalt (to < 1 part per million)
Copper (to < 5 parts per million)
Gold (to < 1 part per million)
Iron (to < 1 part per million)
Lanthanum (to < 1 part per million)
Lead (to < 1 part per million)
Magnesium (to < 160 parts per million)
Manganese (to < 1 part per million)
Molybdenum (to < 1 part per million)
Nickel (to < 1 part per million)
Phosphorus (to < 2 parts per million)
Potassium (to < 1 part per million)
Scandium (to < 1 part per million)
Selenium (to < 1 part per million)
Silicon (to < 5 parts per million)
Silver (to < 1 part per million)
Strontium (to < 2 parts per million)
Titanium (to < 1 part per million)
Vanadium (to < 1 part per million)
Zinc (to < 3 parts per million)

Metal Filters are available in a variety of sizes to suit various flow rates, and can also be coupled with Petro Barrier Systems oil filtration products to create a complete custom protection system.

Pressure Filter

Petro Barrier Systems Inc. constructed filter systems with continuous operating pressures ranging from 0 to 125psi and flow rates of up to 100 USG per minute. Higher pressure and higher volume systems are designed and implemented upon request.  Overall flow rates and the physical size of the system are scaled based on project requirements.  Our Pressure Filter Systems can be scaled to suit small systems onboard personal watercraft to large systems suitable for handling contaminated water at large power utility sites, and can be created either as an add-on to an existing water systems or designed from the ground up.


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