Floor Drain Protector

What is it?

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Petro Barrier Systems Inc.’s series of Floor Drain Protectors offers complete protection from hydrocarbon

Oils and other contaminants for your drainage systems.  Our unique floor drain protectors are able to filter out pollutants from waste water to concentrations under 2 ppm, well below regulatory specifications. They are designed to fit any type of drain, regardless of size or direction of the drain (vertical or horizontal), and are constructed with a flexible body to accommodate for irregular drain shapes.  For a full list of contaminants filtered by our Floor Drain Protectors, please visit our technical data page.

In addition to protecting from the gradual contamination of waste water, Petro Barrier Systems Inc. offers full peace of mind in the case of a large oil spill.  Our patented filter media is engineered to fully react when overwhelmed with said contaminants, creating a plug in the drain, which prohibits any liquid from entering drainage systems and allows for a more effective and efficient clean up.  Once a Floor Drain Protector is fully reacted, simply remove it and replace with a new unit.


For most applications, you simply place the Floor Drain Protector in the drain, screw it in place, and walk away.  Occasional jobs require additional fastening. Petro Barrier Systems Inc. has a number of solutions to ensure that your Floor Drain Protectors fit correctly in your drains. Contact Us.

How Long Will it Last?

Barring any major spills and the volume of waste water entering drains, the Petro Barrier Systems Inc. Floor Drain Protectors have a proven useful life of 7-10 years.

Why protect floor drains?

  • Inherent environmental benefits
  • Protection against large fines from government agencies
  • Often a more viable option (from a cost and maintenance standpoint) than installing large and complex filter systems, such as an Oil Water Separator


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