Leaf Barrier

What is it?

Leaf Barrier

Petro Barrier Systems, Inc. / LEAF BARRIER

Petro Barrier Systems Inc.’s Leaf barrier protects your drains from every day grit and debris that causes

costly blocks in your drain. Made of two levels of mesh, they are designed to fit any type of drain, regardless of size or direction of the drain (vertical or horizontal). Flexible body models are available to accommodate for irregular drain shapes.


For most applications, you simply place the Leaf Barrier in the drain, screw it in place, and walk away.  Occasional jobs require additional fastening.   Petro Barrier Systems Inc. has a number of solutions to ensure that your Floor Drain Protectors fit correctly in your drains.

How long will it last?

Indefinitely, if your leaf barrier becomes blocked, simply remove it, clean it and place it back in place.