Oil Water Separator

What is it?

Petro Barrier Systems Inc.’s Oil/Water Separators are proven to reduce oil concentrations well below five parts per million. Available in almost any size, our oil/water separator  can meet most requited flow rates and complies with many municipalities waste water discharge regulations.  What separates our oil/water separator from the rest is the use of our patented filter media in between each compartment.  The use of our filter media between each compartment allows for a greater separation of oil from the water, resulting in much cleaner discharge of water.  To ensure the most effective filtration (Hydrocarbon oils less than one part per million), we encourage clients to use our oil/water separator in conjunction with our Floor Drain Protector (LINK) or Storm Drain Protector (LINK) systems.


To ensure proper installation, Petro Barrier Systems Inc. is happy to take care of installation or provide precise and accurate instructions for the installation of the oil/water separator.

How long will it last?

Petro Barrier Systems Inc.’s Oil/Water Separator will last indefinitely.  In the case that our filter media in between each compartment becomes fully activated with oil, simply remove and replace the filter and you can continue to be worry free about releasing contaminants into your water system.

Why use Oil/Water Separators?

Oil/water separators are ideal for locations that deal with a higher than normal level of oil in their waste water.  In situations such as these, standard filters may not be the ideal solution, as the high oil concentrations would result in a reduced filter lifespan and more frequent replacement costs. Best suited for locations that deal with large volumes of waste water, oil/water separators use a mechanical separation method in conjunction with our chemical filtration to ensure maximum results. By using an OWS as part of a comprehensive water treatment system, water recycling rates can exceed 90% and provide a significant long-term cost savings.