Consulting Services

In addition to manufacturing and distributing products to protect your drainage systems from contaminants, Petro Barrier Systems Inc. offers a variety of consulting services for those requiring advice and expertise on water system protection and oil spill containment. Equipped with technological expertise and a vast amount of industry experience, we create sustainable and cost efficient solutions for clients.

Contaminated Water Treatment System

Petro Barrier Systems Inc. offers a complete solution for companies seeking to treat/filter dirty water before discharging into the storm or sanitary sewer system. Capable of removing fine silts, hydro-carbon oils, and a wide variety of heavy metals (Zinc, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, etc.) and hazardous chemicals (TCE, Paint Solvents,  Phosphates, etc.), our system allows clients to treat contaminated water on site versus paying for it to be moved and treated off site, which is much more expensive. This system can be scaled to suit the needs of any job or application.

The system first removes suspended solids by pre-treating the dirty water with flocculating chemicals. Flocculating chemicals accelerate the settling of suspended solids and assists in removing contaminants dispersed in the water. Pre-treatment is only necessary if there are suspended solids and or heavy metals present in the water.

The water-solids mixture is then passed through a series of hydrocyclones, which are responsible for the removal and disposal of the suspended solids from the water.

The water, now clean of solids, is pumped through a polishing filter system, which removes all specified contaminants to well below regulatory specifications, and can be discharged into the sanitary sewer or storm drain system.  Water can also be collected and re-used as grey water if the client wishes.

Remote Monitoring System

Petro Barrier Systems Inc. possesses a patent pending remote monitoring system, which provides clients with vital drain information, including hydrocarbon oil contamination levels, oil spill notification and if there is a blockage due to debris via wireless technology.


The System:

  • Uses wireless technology to track the condition of a drain that has been equipped with one of our drain protectors (Storm, Floor and Berm)
  • Senses if oil has gone down the drain
  • Senses if the oil barrier filter media has become partially or completely plugged
  • Senses if the drain has become blocked by debris; dirt, leaves, trash
  • Provides the temperature of the drain
  • Regularly reports the condition of the drain to PBS’s Servers via a wireless link so the client can access the information via the internet
  • Will notify clients if there is a problem with their drain via email, phone call or by some other means based on their needs and preferences

How It Works

Integrated into each of our drain protectors equipped with the remote monitoring system are a set of miniature oil sensors.  The sensors are wired directly into the oil barrier filter media material.  In the event that oil is introduced into the drain the filter material solidifies and creates a barrier that prevents oil from getting passed the drain and into the drainage system.  At that point the integrated oil sensors react to the oily condition and send a signal to the on-board data collection and wireless communication system.

Once every minute the state of each integrated oil sensor is measured and its condition is recorded within the on-board data collection system.  Once per hour the wireless communication system is turned on and accumulated sensor data is sent to an internet server via a WiFi link.  In the event that a wireless link is temporarily unavailable data sets are stored within the on-board data collection system.  Once the wireless connection is re-established all data sets are communicated and stored on our servers.  Clients can check the condition of any of their drain at any time by logging onto their account on the Petro Barrier Systems Inc.’s online interface.

A dual water level sensor system is also built into the PBS drain insert.  When debris builds up in the drain the water level will rise above the oil barrier from time to time.  The two water level sensors are set at different elevations so you get an early warning that debris is starting to accumulate as the lower sensor indicates a rising water level.  When the integrated oil sensors are not indicating oily conditions and the water level sensors show a rising water level within the drain, it is apparent that the drain simply needs to be cleaned out. This condition will be clearly indicated on the client’s web account page and enables them to schedule timely maintenance before a drain overflow becomes an issue.

The online data available to clients includes a complete (time and date) history of all oil sensor and water level readings, the temperature inside of drains and the battery charge level. Battery life is typically six months to twelve months.

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