Storm Drain Protector

What is it?

Petro Barrier Systems Inc.’s range of storm drain protectors save your storm drain system from pollution and contamination of hydrocarbon oils and heavy metals.  Like our other product lines, the filter media in our storm drain protectors  filters out pollutants from your storm and waste water to concentrations under a maximum of less than 2 ppm, which is well below regulatory specifications.  In the case of a major spill, our patented filter media will fully activate, creating a plug and stopping all contaminant flow down the drain, allowing proper clean up and preventing costly environmental damage.  In addition to the full protection you receive, Petro Barrier Systems Inc.’s Storm Drain Protector shields your drains from loose debris and silt that can cause serious problems for Storm Drain System. For a full list of contaminants filtered by our Floor Drain Protectors, please visit our technical data page.

In addition to protecting your storm drains from harmful contaminants, monitoring your storm drains performance with Petro Barrier Systems Inc.’s Storm Drain Protector has never been easier.  Our patent pending sensor system allows you to remotely monitor your drains via our web based platform anywhere, any time.  There is no need to manually check your drains to or worry about a major spill. In the case of a major leak or spill, our monitoring system will notify you in minutes allowing for faster and less costly response.


The installation of Petro Barrier Systems Inc.’s Storm Drain Protector is carried out in a matter of minutes.  You simply remove the existing grate that covers the drain, clean the rim of the drain of any debris, place the unit in the drain, (fixed by a bead of silicone), replace the grate back on top of the drain (and Storm Drain Protector) and walk away. Contact Us..

How long will it last?

Drain Protector

Petro Barrier Systems, Inc. / Drain Protector

Barring any major spills or leaks and depending on the level of contamination flowing into the drain, Petro Barrier Systems Inc.’s Storm Drain Protector have a proven useful life of an average of 7-10 years

Why protect storm drains?

  • Storm water pollution from urban runoff and large oil spills as a result of operating passenger vehicles and heavy machinery poses a tremendous threat to the environment. It is estimated that up to 88 million gallons (equivalent to 8 Exxon Valdez oil spills) of oil makes its way into Canada’s natural water bodies each year as a result of urban run-off.
  • Protection against large fines from government agencies
  • Petro Barrier Systems Inc.’s Storm Drain protector is more effective than other products in use such as oil/water separators